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The Influence of Orgetorix; 1.3

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Why did the Helvetii decide to collect what they needed for taking the field?

Who persuaded Casticus, son of Catamantaloedes, to seize the kingship in his own state?

Who was holding the chieftaincy of the state at the time of the text?

What did Orgetorix give to Dumnorix in order to persuade him to a like endeavor?

What did Orgetorix convince Casticus and Dumnorix to do?

Why did Orgetorix believe it would be easy for these leaders to accomplish theses plans?

What did the Helvetii hope to achieve by seizing their kingship?

Why did Orgetorix take upon himself an embassage to the communities?

How long did the Helvetii consider sufficient for the accomplishment of their objectives?

What did the Helvetii pledge themselves to do by an ordinance?


The Influence of Orgetorix: A Quiz on the Factors that Swayed the Decision-making of the Gauls

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