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COMP1236 Midterm Chapters 1-2

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Which virus was the first computer virus to infect the MS-DOS's boot sector?

What was the purpose of creating the BRAIN virus?

Which operating system's boot sector was infected by the BRAIN virus?

Which of the following best describes pseudocode?

Can pseudocode be executed as a program?

Which of the following statements about pseudocode is true?

Which chart is commonly used in industries worldwide for its simplified representation of instructions?

What is the main advantage of using a flowchart in industries?

Why is the simplified representation of instructions important in industries?

Coding is the process of converting Pseudocode into a computer language.

Pseudocode is a programming language that can be executed by a computer.

Coding is an essential step in the development of computer programs.

Which crisis led to the invention of the computer?

Who invented the first computer?

What was the name of the first computer invented by Charles Babbage?

Who established an organization now known as IBM?

What is the current name of the organization established by Herman Hollerith?

During which generation of computers were massive machines with voluminous space commonly used?

Which characteristic was a defining feature of the first generation of computers?

Who introduced the world's first electronic digital computer named ABC in 1937?

What was the name of the world's first electronic digital computer introduced in 1937?

What did the BRAIN virus do to computers?

Who developed a calculating machine to perform calculations involving larger numbers?

What was the purpose of Howard Aiken's calculating machine?

During which generation of computers were programming languages like COBOL and FORTRAN introduced?

What was the significance of the introduction of the integrated circuit or 'the CHIP'?

Which of the following inventions paved the way for the third generation of computers?

Which company invented the first operating system named UNIX during the third generation of computers?

Which hardware component was unveiled by Intel during the third generation of computers and was called Intel 1103?

Which of the following inventions happened during the third generation of computers?

Who created the world's first computer program for Charles Babbage's Difference Engine?

What was the purpose of Ada Lovelace's computer program?

What were the two key concepts in computer programming developed by Jon Von Neumann?

Which technique proposed using complicated instructions for controlling the hardware, allowing it to be reprogrammed quickly?

What was the main objective of the Shared Program technique?

Which concept gave birth to logical statements like 'IF', 'THEN', and 'FOR' in computer programming?

What was the main advantage of Conditional Control Transfer in computer programming?

Who used concepts from Jon Von Neumann's work in his machines and the Plankalkul programming language?

What was the Plankalkul programming language known for?

What did Konrad Zuse's use of Jon Von Neumann's concepts and the Plankalkul programming language mark the beginning of?

Which of the following was considered a primitive language in the development of computer languages?

What was the main characteristic of the first computer language, Short Code?

Who devised the first compiler, A-0?

What did the first compiler, A-0, do?

Which programming language was designed by John Backus and other scientists at IBM?

Which statements were used in the first high-level programming language, FORTRAN?

Which programming language was invented to handle 'Input' and 'Output' properly?

What was the goal of inventing COBOL?

Who were the inventors of COBOL?

Which programming language was introduced by Thomas Kurtz, Mary Keller, and John Kemeny in 1964?

What does the acronym BASIC stand for?

Who were the individuals responsible for introducing the first computer language for non-computer background individuals?

Which programming language was developed by Niklaus Wirth as a refinement of other languages like Algol, FORTRAN, and COBOL?

Why did Niklaus Wirth develop Pascal?

What was the main impact of the Second Era of computer programming?

Which language was an extension of the C language and used in in-game engines and software like Adobe Photoshop in 1983?

Which programming language is known for its user-friendliness and is preferred by data analysts and statisticians?

Which programming language is universally used for enhancing web browser applications?

Which programming language was developed by Apple in 2014 as a replacement for C, C++, and Objective-C?

Which of the following is NOT a Fourth Generation Language?

Which programming language is particularly well-suited for writing mathematical programs and is widely used in education and mathematics research?

Which language uses command sentences for adding, removing, and viewing data?

Which language emerged in 1991 and has become a popular framework for social media sites like Instagram and YouTube?

Which of the following is an example of a Fifth Generation Programming Language?

Which generation of programming languages introduced visual tools to aid in program development?

Which programming language is NOT mentioned as an example of a Fifth Generation Programming Language?

Which type system does Mercury feature?

What kind of programming does Mercury operate on?

Which type of programming language is more suitable for developing new operating systems?

Which characteristic is a defining feature of high-level programming languages?

Which programming language category does not need compilers?

Which type of high-level language does not generate intermediate object code and hence has a lower memory requirement?

Which type of high-level language takes an entire program as input and converts it into intermediate object code?

Which type of development is responsible for the client-side and server-side portions of developing a web application?

Which type of programming is also known as server-side programming?

Which type of developer specializes in building applications for Android and iOS?

Which type of developer writes code for applications that run natively on operating systems like Windows and macOS?

Which of the following applications is NOT mentioned as a use case for C++?

Which programming language is commonly used for front end development?

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an example of a GUI based application that uses C++?


Key Facts in the History of Computers

  • The first computer virus, created to stop illegal software distribution, infected the MS-DOS boot sector.
  • Pseudocode is an informal representation of code, easier to generate and understand without a pre-defined syntax.
  • A chart is widely used in industries for its simplified representation of instructions.
  • Coding is the process of converting pseudocode into a computer language.
  • The computer was invented to solve a number-crunching crisis and the tabulation of the 1880 US Census.
  • Charles Babbage invented the first computer, known as the Difference Engine.
  • Herman Hollerith established the organization now known as IBM.
  • The first electronic digital computer, named ABC (Atanasoff Berry Computer), was introduced in 1937 by Dr. John V Atanasoff and Clifford Berry.
  • Howard Aiken developed a calculating machine for larger number calculations.
  • The third generation of computers saw the introduction of programming languages like COBOL and FORTRAN, as well as the integrated circuit.
  • Bell Labs invented the first operating system, UNIX, during the third generation.
  • The years 1963 to 1980 were considered the golden period with the incorporation of companies like Microsoft and Apple Computers.


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