The Indus Valley Civilization Quiz

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Which of the following was announced as the discovery of a new civilization in the Indus valley?

Where is Mohenjodaro situated?

Where did the Indus Valley Civilization flourish?

Which site served as a trade point between Harappa and Babylon?

What was an important finding at Harappa?

Who announced the discovery of a new civilization in the Indus valley to the world?

Which river is the Harappa site situated on the bank of?

Where is the site of Chanhudaro located?

What was an important finding at Mohenjodaro?

Who carried out excavations in the Indus valley and unearthed the ruins of Mohenjodaro and Harappa?


Test your knowledge of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization with this quiz. Explore the history, culture, and achievements of the Harappan Civilization that thrived in South Asia around 2,500 BC.

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