The Indian Cricket Team's World Cup Dominance

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Who set the record for the most 5-wicket hauls in World Cups?

In which match did the Indian cricket team achieve a historic victory by bowling out the opposition with just 55 runs?

Who previously held the record for the most wickets in World Cup history for India?

How many wickets did Mohammad Shammi take in the recent semi-final match?

Who marked the best individual performance by an Indian in the recent semi-final match?

How many players are there in each cricket team?

What is the length of the pitch in cricket?

How is a batter dismissed in cricket?

What happens when ten batters have been dismissed in an innings?

How many umpires adjudicate a cricket match?


Test your knowledge of the Indian cricket team's dominance in the World Cup with this quiz. Delve into the team's impressive victories, record-breaking performances, and memorable moments from recent tournaments. See how well you know their journey to cricket glory.

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