The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Consumer Purchasing

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What is the role of influencers in the retail marketplace?

To inform customer interests and affect purchase decisions

What is one of the ways retailers use technology to enhance their relationship with customers?

Communicate with customers through email, texts and apps

How many followers does Chiara have?

16 million

Which social media platform has over 2 billion users worldwide?


What is a social media influencer?

A user who has a large number of followers on social media

Who is Huda Kattan?

A beauty influencer with over 34 million followers on Instagram

Social media influencers have established credibility in a specific ______ or niche


Influencers can persuade others to act based on their ______


Retailers often try to leverage ______ to promote products and increase awareness of the company brand.


As a retail sales associate, you positively influence customer purchase decisions by providing a great ______.


Match the following actions with their role in retail technology:

Make tasks faster and easier to complete = Improve efficiency Enable comprehensive data collection to best understand customer buying behaviors = Improve customer insights Communicate with customers through email, texts and apps = Enhance customer engagement Identify and minimize risks and liabilities = Mitigate potential issues

Match the following phrases with their correct meaning in the retail context:

Influencing Customers = Role of influencers in retail Retail Technology = Use of technology by retailers Retail Industry = Industry where influencers have a big voice Customer interests and purchase decisions = Areas influenced by influencers

Discover how social media influencers can impact customer purchase decisions in this quiz. Explore the role of social media in finding product information, reviews, and how-to videos. Test your knowledge and learn about the influence of social media on consumer behavior.

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