The Impact of Deepfakes on Society

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What is the main concern regarding deepfake technology?

It enables anyone to create realistic-looking photos and videos.

What does the term 'deepfakes' refer to?

Realistic-looking photos and videos created using AI.

Who invented GANs, a key technology behind deepfakes?

Ian Goodfellow

What is the significance of the State Farm TV commercial in relation to deepfakes?

It demonstrated the potential of deepfake technology for benign purposes.

What was Ian Goodfellow's conceptual breakthrough in architecting GANs?

Using two separate neural networks known as the 'generator' and 'discriminator'.

What best describes the relationship between the generator and the discriminator in the context of deepfake technology?

The generator tries to deceive the discriminator, while the discriminator tries to identify fake content

What is the current state of deepfake technology in comparison to authentic video footage?

It is often possible to detect that a video is a deepfake upon close inspection

What is the potential consequence of deepfake technology becoming indistinguishable from real images?

It could result in catastrophic consequences such as political deception and confusion

What was the aim of President Ali Bongo's nationwide televised address on New Year’s Day, as mentioned in the text?

To alleviate concerns about his health and public absence

How does Hany Farid describe the pace at which deepfakes are evolving?

He notes that deepfakes are improving at a breathtaking pace

This quiz explores the implications of deepfake technology on society, using a real-life example of a widely discussed TV commercial. It delves into the use of cutting-edge AI to create realistic but fabricated video content, and how it can impact public perception and trust.

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