The Great Depression Unemployment and Economic Impact Quiz

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What was one of Lloyd George's concerns about Germany after the war?

Starting another communist revolution like in Russia

What did British people think of Germany after World War I?

They had been fed anti-German propaganda for years

Why did Clemenceau and French leaders want to cripple Germany in the Treaty?

To prevent Germany from attacking France again

What did the French President Poincare propose regarding Germany post-World War I?

Breaking Germany into smaller states

How did Clemenceau view Wilson's Fourteen Points?

He thought they were insufficient for ensuring peace

Which Nazi organisation replaced Trades Unions and set wages, often favoring employers over employees?

The Labour Front

What was the main purpose of the Strength Through Joy program for workers?

To provide rewards such as evening classes, theatre trips, and holidays

In what way did the Beauty of Labour organisation aim to influence German workers?

By promoting the idea that work is beneficial and encouraging better working conditions

What negative trend concerning workers occurred between 1933 and 1939 under the Nazis?

Wages decreased while working hours increased

How did employers respond to workers questioning their working conditions under the Nazis?

By blacklisting workers who raised concerns

What strategy did the Nazis employ to avoid criticism of their policies?

Relying on generalised slogans without detailed policies

Why did many people in Germany view the SA and SS positively during the rise of the Nazis?

Due to their provision of soup kitchens and shelter for the unemployed

What was a key dissatisfaction with Weimar democracy that fueled support for the Nazis?

Lack of action taken by politicians regarding the Depression

Why did German business leaders start putting money into Nazi campaign funds?

To combat threats from growing trade unions in Germany

How did the Nazis capitalize on the fear and anger towards the Weimar Republic within Germany?

By promising to restore traditional German values

Test your knowledge on the impact of the Great Depression, including severe drought, soil erosion, unemployment, and financial hardships faced by Americans during the 1930s.

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