The Great Alexander

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Who was Alexander the Great's teacher?


Where was Alexander the Great born?

Bella Macedonia

What skills did Alexander the Great learn from an early age?

Mathematics, reading, and writing

How did Alexander the Great tame the horse named Bucephalus?

He turned it towards the sun to make a shadow fall behind it

Who were Alexander the Great's parents?

King Philip II and Queen Olympias

Which subject did Alexander the Great learn from his teacher Aristotle?


Which city was Alexander the Great born in?


What was the name of the horse that Alexander the Great tamed?


At what age did Alexander the Great receive lessons from Aristotle?


What did Alexander the Great's father want for him when he hired Aristotle as his teacher?

The best teacher possible

Test your knowledge on Alexander the Great and his legacy in this quiz. Explore beyond his battles and discover what made him truly great.

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