The Future of AI

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Which technology has greatly improved traveling by providing users with maps, navigation, and optimal routes?

What is the timeframe for the revolution in artificial intelligence that researchers are preparing us for?

What is one way in which artificial intelligence has become a part of our lives?

What technology was previously the only option for navigation before the incorporation of artificial intelligence?

Which technology is mentioned as an example of autonomous vehicles in the text?


Researchers are preparing us for a revolution that will change the world forever by looking into the future of artificial intelligence this revolution isn't going to happen in a few decades but in a few years which means that the clock is ticking for now for businesses to start embrace seeing AI. Artificial intelligence has become a part of our lives. Maps and navigation: AI has drastically improved traveling instead of having to rely on printed maps or directions you can now use ways or google or apple maps on your phone and type your destination so how does the application know where to go and what's more the optimal route, route barriers and traffic congestion it's not too long ago only satellite based GPS was available but now artificial intelligence is be incorporated to give users a much more enhanced experience it makes our ride easier as it suggest to us about the traffic distance left and voice suggestion of the round. Smart cars autonomous vehicles or prime examples of how artificial intelligence is impacting the automotive industry, a large segment of autonomous vehicles are connected immerse able to share the learning with each other this percentage is set to increase rapidly in the future. Smart cars are one of the areas where AI is increasing its important not only big companies like tesla but many of the other companies are using automation in their areas. Artificial intelligence implements computer vision, image detection and deep learning to build cars that can automatically detect objects and drive around without human intervention Text editors or autocorrect: AI algorithms use machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing to identify incorrect usage of language and suggest corrections and word processors, texting apps and every other ridden medium it seems linguists and computer scientists work together to teach machines grammar just like you were taught at school. The algorithms are taught through high quality language data so when you use a calm incorrectly the editor will catch him. Facial detection and recognition using virtual filters on our faces were taking pictures and using face id for unlocking our phones are two examples of artificial intelligence. What’s that are now part of our daily lives the former incorporates face detection meaning any human face is identified. The ladder use his face recognition through which a specific face is recognized facial recognition is also used for surveillance and security by government facilities and airports. Smartphones: Smartphones now also you are using your smartphone while watching this video there is no need to tell you the importance of smartphones in our lifestyle is everyone is aware of the fact that we cannot imagine our lives without smartphones whether you know or not you are interacting with AI. We know that google assistant Siri all examples of AI and our phone but not everyone knows that portrait mode and the camera is also based on artificial intelligence. There are many more features in our smartphones that use a AI and in the coming future we will see many more features because of artificial intelligence Smart home devices: Rise of AI has exceptionally solidify the term smart home a significant number of smart home devices that you buy use AI to learn your behavior so that they can adjust their settings automatically to make your experience as frictionless as possible. These smart home devices are controlled by using smart voice assistants which a prime examples of AI. These techniques are part of our lives thanks to data science while it's true that it'll take a significant time for us to see a perfect AI powered home capable of reacting to our choices and real lives steps are already been made to bring this to the real world already there a smart lights that can change intensity and cool our based on time and thermostats that can adjust the temperature based on user preference. Social media: if you're thinking that emergence of autonomous vehicles isn't having any impact on you personally as they're not in your city yet how about something without using which your day doesn't end yes we're talking about social media if they spoke isn't your thing maybe it's twitter or snap chat or Instagram or any of the other available social media apps. The fact is when you're using social media a majority of your decisions are being influenced by artificial intelligence for notifications that you received a feeds the you see the timeline everything is created by AI. It considers all your past web searches, interactions, behaviors and everything else done by you during your visit to these web sites and tailor your experience according to that. Chat bots as a customer interacting with customer service can be time consuming and stressful for companies it's an inefficient department that is typically expensive and hard to manage. One increasingly popular artificially intelligent solution to this is the use of AI chat bots the program algorithms enable machines to answer frequently asked questions, take and track orders and direct calls. Chat bots are taught to impersonate the conversational styles of customer representatives through natural language.

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