The Evolution of Tools

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What is 'technology' according to the text?

Who discovered how to make and use tools?

Who is considered the founder of modern geometry?

What is the definition of technology?

Who discovered modern geometry?

What were the earliest human artifacts?

During the Renaissance Era, which invention was developed in Germany?

Who rediscovered that the sun was at the center of the solar system during the Renaissance Era?

Which scientist discovered craters and mountains on the moon during the 1600s?

Who helped define the laws of gravity and planetary motion, co-founded calculus, and explained the laws of light and color?

During which period did the Manila Observatory, which focuses on meteorological studies, was founded?

Which act established the National Science Development Board in the Philippines?

What was the main research center in the Philippines until World War II?


"Unleash Your Inner Caveman: Discover the Evolution of Tools and Technology" - Test your knowledge on the fascinating history of human artifacts and technology, from the earliest prehistoric stone tools to modern inventions. Explore the sequence of activities that led to the development of technology and dive into the definition of "technology" itself. Learn about the incredible innovations of our ancestors and the impact they had on shaping our world today. Take this quiz and discover your inner caveman!

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