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What is the term used to describe the Earth's shape, which is flattened at the poles and bulged at the equator?

Geoid or Oblate spheroid

What is the Equatorial diameter of the Earth?

12714 kms

What is the difference in diameter that serves as proof for regarding the Earth as Geoid?

42 kms

What is the Polar diameter of the Earth?

12714 kms

How many continents are there on Earth, and what are their names?

Seven continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia

Which continent is the largest in the world?


Which continent is the smallest?


How many major oceans are there on Earth?

Four major oceans

Which ocean is the largest and deepest?

Pacific Ocean

Test your knowledge on the Earth's geoid shape, an oblate spheroid with a flattened polar and bulged equatorial diameter. Learn about the continents and key measurements of the Earth's diameter and circumference.

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