The Defense of Poesy by Sir Phillip Sidney

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Match the following literary figures with their contributions:

Match the following terms with their meanings:

Match the following ancient figures with their accomplishments:

Match the following terms with their associations:

Match the following historical figures with their impact on learning:

According to Sir Phillip Sidney, what is the significance of poetry in relation to learning and knowledge?

Who does Sir Phillip Sidney compare those who inveigh against poetry to, and what is the implication of this comparison?

What examples does Sir Phillip Sidney use to support the precedence of poets in the history of learning and knowledge?

How does Sir Phillip Sidney illustrate the influence of poetry on people's perception and admiration of knowledge?

In what ways does Sir Phillip Sidney emphasize the role of poetry as a precursor to other forms of knowledge and learning?


Test your knowledge of Sir Phillip Sidney's essay 'The Defense of Poesy' which discusses the value and significance of poetry in comparison to history and philosophy. This quiz covers key themes and arguments presented in the essay.

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