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Who sent envoys to Pope Urban II asking for mercenary troops from the West?

Alexius Comnenus

What was the purpose of the Crusades?

To secure control of holy sites

When did the Crusades primarily occur?

Between 1096 and 1291

What did the Pope call on Western Christians to do at the Council of Clermont in November 1095?

Take up arms to aid the Byzantines and recapture the Holy Land from Muslim control

What was the symbol worn by those who joined the armed pilgrimage?

A cross

Who led the less organized band of knights and commoners known as the 'People’s Crusade'?

Peter the Hermit

What city did the Crusaders and their Byzantine allies attack in May 1097?

Nicea (now Iznik, Turkey)

Who insisted that the leaders of the four main armies of Crusaders swear an oath of loyalty to him?


Whose army crossed the Bosporus Strait in early August, ignoring advice to wait for the rest of the Crusaders?

Peter the Hermit

Which group carried out a series of massacres of Jews in various towns in the Rhineland in 1096?

Crusaders led by Count Emicho

Test your knowledge about the historical events known as the Crusades, which were a series of religious wars between Christians and Muslims. Learn about the expeditions, their significance, and the impact on Europe and the Middle East.

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