The Crusades of the Medieval Era Class Agenda

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What was one of the key reasons for the Crusades?

Who asked Western leaders for help fighting the Muslims, especially at the Council of Clermont?

What was the primary goal preached by Pope Urban II to knights, princes, and commoners at the Council of Clermont?

Which city was a sacred city to both Christians and Muslims with many sacred sights?

What did Muslim leaders want to achieve by reconquering the Holy Land?

What did the Crusades primarily involve?

What was Pope Urban II's motivation for calling the first crusade?

What was the outcome of the 2nd Crusade led by Germany with Conrad III and Louis VII of France?

Who crushed crusader armies at the Battle of Hattin in 1187?

What was the purpose of the 4th crusade?

What was a negative impact of the Crusades?

What did many Europeans view Islam as during the Crusades?

What did Pope Urban II promise to those who went on Crusade?

What was a positive effect of the Crusades?

Why did many nobles, princes, and commoners fight in the Crusades?

What was a common interpretation by Crusaders regarding their war efforts?

"The Muslims viewed the Christians as invaders and infidels" This statement best reflects which perspective?

What was one reason for Pope Urban II's belief in reunification with the Eastern Orthodox Church that did not materialize?


Explore the class agenda for November 13, 2023, covering the crusading movement and the establishment of communities in the 'Holy Land' near Jerusalem. Understand the reasons behind the European travel to and conquest attempts in the 'Holy Land' through warm-up questions, learning objectives, essential questions, memes, and homework.

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