The Crucible: Martha Corey Questioning and Court Interruption

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What is the reason for Giles and Francis interrupting the court?

To provide evidence that Martha Corey is not a witch

How does Danforth react to the document presented by Proctor?

He orders the arrest of those who signed the document

What claim does Giles present through his deposition?

Accusation against Thomson Putnam

Why won't Giles give the name of the person referred to in the deposition?

He fears retaliation from the accused person

In what ways has Reverend Hale's opinion changed since Act Two?

He has become more skeptical of the accusations

Why is Mary unable to 'faint' on command?

There is no group dynamic to support her

Why does Abigail claim a cold wind has struck her?

To divert attention from the truth.

Why does Danforth have Elizabeth brought into the courtroom?

To question her about the affair with Proctor.

Why does Elizabeth lie?

To stay loyal to John Proctor.

What is Hale’s reaction to these events?

He questions the validity of the court's actions.

Abigail claims that Mary is threatening her in the form of a bird. Why does Abigail make this claim?

To shift blame from herself to Mary.

Why does Mary change her story and accuse Proctor?

Out of fear of Abigail's threats.

At what point does Proctor give up? How can we tell?

When he denounces God and the court.

What document does Proctor present to Danforth? Why?

'91 Signatures' petition to support Martha, Rebecca, and Elizabeth.

What does Danforth tell Proctor about Elizabeth? Why does he choose this point to share this piece of information? How does John react to the news?

That Elizabeth is pregnant, to test Proctor's honesty.

What claim does Giles present through his deposition?

Thomas Putnam is using accusations for personal gain.

This quiz covers the questioning of Martha Corey in 'The Crucible' and the interruption by Giles and Francis in the court. It also explores the reactions of key characters like Danforth, Hathorne, Parris, and Hale to the interruption, as well as Danforth telling Proctor about Elizabeth. Test your knowledge of these crucial moments in the play.

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