The Coliseum in Ancient Rome

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Match the following events with their corresponding years:

Construction of the Coliseum began = 70 Fire caused by lightning struck the Coliseum = 217 Construction of the Coliseum was completed after repairs = 240 Earthquake caused major damage to the Coliseum = 1349

Match the following uses of the Coliseum with their corresponding periods:

Men fought against animals in the Coliseum = Ancient Rome Coliseum was used as a castle = Before repairs in 240 Coliseum was used as a graveyard = Before being a castle Coliseum became a popular tourist attraction = Present day

Match the following types of damage with their causes:

Upper levels damaged = Fire caused by lightning South side collapsed = Earthquake in 1349 General damage over years = Various incidents External wall remained strong = Present day maintenance

Match the following repair materials with their uses:

Fallen stones from the Coliseum = Used to repair houses and churches Stones from seating areas = Used for repairing structures Wooden materials = Required for upper level repairs Stone materials = Mainly used in original construction

Match the following feelings about events in the Coliseum with their descriptions:

Most people loved watching fights in the Coliseum = Positive reaction from spectators Gruesome events took place in the Coliseum = Negative perception of events 80,000 Romans would pack inside to watch events = Indication of popularity The damage to the Coliseum was never fully repaired = Outcome of historical incidents

The Coliseum in Rome is the smallest stadium of its kind.


Construction of the Coliseum began in the year 80.


The upper levels of the Coliseum were primarily made of stone.


The Coliseum was last used as a graveyard before becoming a popular tourist attraction.


Pieces of the Coliseum were used to repair houses and churches after an earthquake in 1349.


Test your knowledge about the ancient stadium in Rome known as the Coliseum. Learn interesting facts about its construction, uses, and history.

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