The Black Aeroplane Short Story Quiz

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What did the narrator see when he looked down past the nose of the aeroplane?

The lights of a big city

What instructions did Paris Control give to the narrator when he called?

Turn twelve degrees west

Why did the narrator see storm clouds ahead?

He saw the storm clouds as black mountains standing in front of him.

What time was it when the narrator looked at his watch?

One thirty in the morning

What dilemma did the narrator face when he saw the storm clouds?

Deciding whether to go back to Paris or continue towards England

What did the narrator dream of while flying over France?

Being with his family and enjoying his holiday

The narrator was flying his old Dakota aeroplane over ______ back to England.


The moon was coming up in the ______, behind me, and stars were shining in the clear sky above me.


I should call ______ Control soon,' I thought.


Paris was about 150 kilometres behind me when I saw the ______.


Storm clouds. They were ______.


I knew I could not fly up and over them, and I did not have enough fuel to fly around them to the ______ or south.


Test your comprehension of the short story 'The Black Aeroplane' with questions about the plot, characters, and themes. From flying high above the countryside to the protagonist's thoughts, this quiz covers key aspects of the narrative.

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