The Battle of Hastings and the Bayeux Tapestry Quiz

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If I wanted you to come to my ______ for your advice on any subject (war, marriage, or anything else), you must come.

Even when there was no war, I could call on you to guard my ______ occasionally.

When your father died, then you would have to pay for the right to continue as my ______.

If you were a girl, then you would need my permission to ______.

I could also expect your financial help if I were going to fight a Crusade or get ______.

You would also need my approval to give any land to the ______.

If I failed to protect you as I promised, then you could protest to my ______ (if I had one).

Feudalism Comes to Europe Citizens Need ______

They become suspicious of ______, fearing strangers are trying to find a way to attack them

The lord's castle, where vassals could seek ______, was usually in the center of the feudal manor

A few merchants may come with goods to sell, but how will they pay for the goods. What would happen to ______ in the area

The vassal (the one who wanted the help) came to the lord (the one who could give the help), and in return for protection, food, and clothing, the vassal would be the lord's servant for the rest of his or her ______

Since they could not get to outside goods, and goods could not get to them, they would have to learn to make their ______

If you were my vassal, what kinds of power did I have ______ you

A mounted knight was a heavily armored soldier and ______

William defeated his Saxon opponent King Godwinson with the use of his ______

These monstrous horses and heavily armored soldiers could charge onto a battlefield and ______

These Knights would become the most powerful fighting force in Europe until the English innovation of the ______

The Battle of Hastings is best described in the famous ______

The Bayeux tapestry is a 230 foot long, hand embroidered tapestry that depicts the events of the ______

In the Bayeux tapestry we can see how the Normans boarded their ships to invade England and used their ______

There is no doubt that the Bayeux tapestry is an astonishing piece of historical evidence that records the style and ______

Once William became king of England, he quickly used the ______

The Battle of Hastings took place in ______ AD

William defeated his Saxon opponent King ______

The Battle of Hastings is described in the ______ tapestry

The Bayeux tapestry is a 230 foot long, hand embroidered ______

William quickly built-up ______ and prepared for the battle

The Normans were descendants of the ______ men of Europe

The Feudal system was based upon the idea of land ownership, loyalty to a king, and the support of ______

What was the name given to the land that a noble received from the king?

What kind of power did a king have over his vassals?

What were the obligations of a vassal towards their lord?

What were the consequences of a vassal failing to live up to their obligations?

When were the times when fighting was prohibited?

What were the limits on fighting during the year?

What could a vassal do if their lord failed to protect them as promised?

What would happen if a vassal's father died?

What was the role of a mounted knight in feudal society?

What was the Bayeux Tapestry?

Where did the Normans originate from?

What system of government and rule did the Normans establish?

What were the Normans known for?

What were the Normans looking for when they invaded England?

What was the Feudal system based upon?

Who owned all the land in the Feudal system?

Why did the King lease or grant land to others?

What was the purpose of the vassal in the Feudal system?

What did the Normans descend from?

What were the Normans more Viking than?

What role did the church play in feudalism?

What was the importance of mounted knights in William the Conqueror's invasion of Britain?

What was the significance of the Battle of Hastings?

What is the Bayeux tapestry?

How did William the Conqueror use the feudal system to rule England?

What is the feudal system?

How did the feudal system provide protection to the people?

What was the role of vassals in the feudal system?

What was the role of the lord in the feudal system?

What was the impact of the feudal system on trade and self-sufficiency?


Test your knowledge of the historic Battle of Hastings and the iconic Bayeux Tapestry. Discover key details about the battle, including the opposing forces, strategies used, and the significance of the Bayeux Tapestry in documenting the event. Challenge yourself with questions about this pivotal moment in English history.

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