The Aesthetics of Choice

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According to Kant, what is beauty?

What does Kant say about good taste?

What does Bourdieu argue about the legitimate taste of society?

What is bad taste?

What is bombast?

What is the main difference between Kant's and Bourdieu's views on taste?

What does Simmel say about upper classes and fashion?

What does Kant say about the validity of a judgement based on taste?

What is the title given to any object or idea that does not fall within the moralizing person's idea of the normal social standards of the time or area?


Discover your personal and cultural patterns of choice and preference with this quiz! Explore the fascinating world of aesthetics and philosophy as you answer questions about your taste and perception of beauty. Learn about Kant's perspective on good taste and how it relates to social groups. Find out if your taste aligns with the majority or if you have a unique perspective. Take this quiz and gain insight into your personal and cultural preferences.

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