The Absolutist Theory of State Sovereignty and Security

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According to Thomas Hobbes, why would a rational person agree to be governed by an absolute sovereign?

What does it mean for citizens to have unconditional political obligation?

Why does Hobbes argue that citizens have no right to criticize the sovereign?

What would happen if the sovereign were to be criticized according to Hobbes?

How does Hobbes describe life in the state of nature?

Why would a rational person disagree to be governed by an absolute sovereign?

How is the sovereign evaluated by liberals?

What is the relationship between liberalism and the state, according to the text?

What will be covered in the later videos, according to the text?


Test your knowledge on Thomas Hobbes' absolutist theory of state sovereignty and the concept of security as the highest value for human beings. Explore the rationale behind agreeing to be governed by an absolute sovereign and the role it plays in maintaining social peace.

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