The 12th Century Renaissance: Causes and Effects

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Who proposed the concept that the mind at birth is a 'blank slate' and man can think and recognize ideas through a divine spark?

Which concept began to emerge in medieval society towards the end of the Middle Ages, emphasizing humanism and individualism?

'Man can think and recognize ideas through a divine spark' is associated with which scholar's viewpoint?

What did Thomas Aquinas argue about the intricate design and order of existent things and natural processes?

Which subjects are included in the Trivium, as part of the Liberal Arts education?

What was the significance of the rise of the Merchant class during this period?

What did the peasants believe about the Crusade?

What concept did Thomas Aquinas believe was greater than the active life?


Explore the causes and effects of the 12th Century Renaissance and its impact on the evolution of Europe with this class agenda. Learn about the Romanesque arts and architecture that emerged during this period.

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