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Textile Manufacturing

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Textile manufacturing begins with the cultivation of natural fibers.

Fabric can only be made by weaving or knitting process.

Wet processing involves dyeing and finishing the fabrics.

The sizing process involves adding size material to the yarns in woven fabrics.

Bleaching makes the fibers less absorbent and darker in color.

Non-woven processes such as braiding and felting are used in the production of most fabrics

The process of stable yarn manufacturing includes opening, cleaning, blending, mixing, cutting, drawing, roving, and spinning

Dyeing is the main process where white or gray fabric becomes decorated by different colors

The wet processing of fabric may involve mechanical and chemical processes to improve the acceptability of the product

The sizing process involves adding size material to the yarns in woven fabrics


Test your knowledge of textile manufacturing from fiber to finished garments in this comprehensive quiz. Explore the cultivation and extraction of natural fibers, yarn manufacturing, and the various processes involved in creating textiles.

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