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Which type of claim argues that something is right or wrong?

Claim of value

What is the primary purpose of a graphic organizer?

To visually depict relationships between ideas

What is the purpose of a topic outline?

To provide a list of topics and subtopics

Which type of claim leads to a specific action or course of action?

Claim of policy

What is the purpose of brainstorming in the writing process?

To narrow down topics to important ideas

Which type of claim makes an assertion that can be proved or disproved with factual evidence?

Claim of fact

What is the primary characteristic of a narrative discourse?

It presents information in a chronological order

What type of information can be inferred from the statement: "The leader decided he wanted to stay a little longer and finish their presentation for tomorrow"?

The leader is dedicated

Which of the following is NOT suited for a persuasive essay?

"The History of Ancient Filipino Art"

What is the primary difference between a topic outline and a paragraph?

A topic outline uses keywords or phrases, while a paragraph uses complete sentences

Test your knowledge about the best time to highlight key terms, concepts in a text, and the use of symbols in the decimal system. Explore how narratives are structured and understand the logical progression within a paragraph.

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