Tetrapod Limb Anatomy and Locomotion Quiz

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What is the distalmost portion of a limb known as?


What is the bony endoskeleton of the limbs known as?

Appendicular skeleton

How many limbs do all tetrapods have?


What are the cranial pair of limbs known as?


What do tetrapods use their limbs for, according to the text?

Walking, running, jumping, swimming, climbing, grasping, touching, and striking

What is the extremity of a limb known as?

Distal portion

What is the appendicular skeleton of the limbs homologous to?

Fins of fish ancestors

What are the hindlimbs of tetrapods also known as?

Back legs

In what posture do hominid primates, particularly humans, have more erect forelimbs and hindlimbs?

Bipedal posture

How many pairs of limbs do tetrapods have?


Test your knowledge of tetrapod anatomy and locomotion with this quiz on limb structure and function. Explore the bony endoskeleton, extremities, and various modes of terrestrial and aquatic locomotion used by tetrapods.

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