Testing Conduction of Electricity in Lemon Juice or Vinegar

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Which electrode is connected to the positive terminal of the battery when producing oxygen bubbles in water?

Copper electrode

What happens when electrodes are immersed in water and a current is passed through?

Bubbles of oxygen and hydrogen are produced

What are some chemical effects of electric current passing through a conducting solution?

Deposits of metal on electrodes

Why did Boojho notice a greenish blue spot on the potato around one wire after leaving it for half an hour?

Electroplating of the potato with copper

What happens when a potato is cut into two halves and copper wires of a tester are inserted into it?

Conductivity test for metals

What determines the type of reaction that occurs when an electric current passes through a conducting solution?

The specific solution and electrodes used

Why does the bulb glow in the tester when the electric current passes through it?

The filament of the bulb gets heated to a high temperature

In a situation where the liquid is conducting but the bulb does not glow, what could be a possible reason?

The cooling effect of the liquid on the filament

Why might the current in the circuit be too weak even if the circuit is complete?

The material conducting electricity is not a metal

What happens to a compass needle kept nearby when current flows in a wire?

It aligns itself along the wire

How does the filament of the bulb get heated?

From being heated due to high current passing through it

Why might a bulb not glow even if the liquid is conducting?

Because the liquid cools down the filament too much

Why are people cautioned against touching an electrical appliance with wet hands?

Wet hands can increase the conductivity of the body, leading to electric shock.

What type of materials are good conductors of electricity?

Materials that allow electric current to pass through them easily.

Which of the following materials conduct electricity based on what was learned in Class VI?

Copper and aluminium

What type of materials are poor conductors of electricity?

Rubber, plastic, and wood

In what state were the materials tested for conducting electricity prior to testing liquids?

Solid state

Why is it advised to use only electric cells for activities involving testing conductivity?

Electric cells are safer than other power sources like mains or generators.

Learn about testing the conduction of electricity in liquids like lemon juice or vinegar using a circuit tester. Understand how the circuit becomes complete when the current flows and the bulb glows, and what happens when the liquid does not conduct electricity.

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