Test Your Silversmithing Skills

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9 Questions

What is a silversmith?

What is the difference between a silversmith and a goldsmith?

What is the apprentice tradition in silverworking?

What is annealing in silverworking?

What is the purpose of using copper and brass in silverworking?

What is the difference between the trades of jeweler and silversmith?

What is the unbroken tradition in silversmithing and goldsmithing?

What is a common practice of jewelers that is not usually considered an aspect of silversmithing?

What is Swami Silver?


"Are You a Silversmith Expert? Test Your Knowledge on Crafting Objects from Precious Metals!" Take this quiz to see if you know the ins and outs of silversmithing, from techniques and tools to the history and significance of silver and gold in the craft. Challenge yourself and learn something new about this fascinating trade.

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