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Which NBA team has the largest fanbase based on Facebook likes?

Which team is not shown on the map of NBA fanbases?

Which team still has more fans in Los Angeles compared to the Clippers?

Which team owns Ontario, Canada's most populous province?

Which team is not mentioned in the text?

Which NBA team is referred to as 'America's team' in the text?

According to the data based on Facebook likes, how many more fans do the Lakers have compared to the Clippers in Los Angeles?

Which team is mentioned as owning Ontario, Canada's most populous province?

What does the map of NBA fanbases show about the Los Angeles Clippers?

What does the text state about the accuracy of the data based on Facebook likes for determining fanbases?


Discover which NBA franchises have the largest fanbases with this interactive quiz! Based on Facebook likes, this quiz reveals the teams that have garnered the most support. Find out if your favorite team made the list!

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