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What was the 35th installment of the European top-tier level professional club competition for basketball clubs?

Who won the 1991-92 FIBA EuroLeague?

Where was the Final Four of the 1991-92 FIBA EuroLeague held?

What marked the end of an era in the 1991-92 FIBA EuroLeague?

What teams were included in the 1991-92 FIBA EuroLeague?

What was the FIBA EuroLeague championship for men's clubs renamed to?

How many teams played knock-out rounds in the 1991-92 FIBA EuroLeague?


  1. 1991-92 FIBA EuroLeague was the 35th installment of the European top-tier level professional club competition for basketball clubs.
  2. Partizan won the competition by defeating Montigalà Joventut by a result of 71-70.
  3. The competition's Final Four was held at the Abdi İpekçi Arena in Istanbul, Turkey.
  4. This season marked an end to the era of European national domestic league champions only participation.
  5. The competition included national domestic league champions, the current league title holders, and some other teams from the most important national domestic leagues.
  6. The competition was renamed and called the FIBA European League (or FIBA EuroLeague) championship for men's clubs.
  7. 33 teams played knock-out rounds on a home and away basis.
  8. The sixteen remaining teams after the knock-out rounds entered the Regular Season Group Stage, divided into two groups of eight teams, playing a round-robin.
  9. The top four teams from each group after the Regular Season Group Stage qualified for a Quarterfinal Playoff (X-pairings, best of 3 games).
  10. The four winners of the Quarterfinal Playoff qualified for the Final Stage (Final Four), which was played at a predetermined venue.


How well do you know the 1991-92 FIBA EuroLeague basketball competition? Test your knowledge with this quiz that covers everything from the competition's format to the winning team and the venue for the Final Four. Challenge yourself and see if you can answer all the questions correctly. Keywords: FIBA EuroLeague, basketball, competition, champions, knock-out rounds, Final Four.

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