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¿Dónde nació Manuel de Falla?

¿En qué país murió Manuel de Falla?

¿Cómo fue criado Manuel de Falla?

¿Cómo era la personalidad de Manuel de Falla?

¿Qué problemas de salud tenía Manuel de Falla?

¿Qué obras compuso Manuel de Falla?

¿Cuál era la religión de Manuel de Falla?

¿Cómo era considerado Manuel de Falla?

¿Cuál fue la obra más importante de Manuel de Falla?

¿Cuánto tiempo dedicó Manuel de Falla a componer Atlántida?


Manuel de Falla was a Spanish composer, born in Cádiz and died in Alta Gracia, Argentina at the age of 69. He was raised by a wet nurse and servant of the house. Falla was a serious, independent and imaginative person, with weak health and several manias. He composed La vida breve, El amor brujo, and Noches en los jardines de España, among others. He was a Catholic and a perfectionist, considered the greatest representative of Spanish nationalism. His most important work was the scenic cantata Atlántida, which he spent the last 20 years of his life composing and retouching, but never finished.


How much do you know about Manuel de Falla, the celebrated Spanish composer? Test your knowledge and learn more about his life, works, and legacy with our Manuel de Falla quiz. From his early years in Cádiz to his final masterpiece, Atlántida, this quiz covers his major achievements and contributions to Spanish music. Discover the man behind La vida breve, El amor brujo, and Noches en los jardines de España, and find out why he is considered one

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