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Какие области применения искусственного интеллекта упоминаются в тексте?

Что такое Google Assistant?

В каких отраслях используется платформа когнитивных вычислений IBM Watson?

Что такое OpenAI GPT-3?

В каких областях можно использовать искусственный интеллект?

Какие этические и социальные проблемы связаны с использованием искусственного интеллекта?

Как развивается технология искусственного интеллекта?


  • The text discusses the various applications of artificial intelligence, including ethics and societal issues.
  • AI plays a significant role in innovation and transformation in various industries.
  • Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that can answer questions, provide suggestions, and manage smart home devices.
  • IBM Watson is a cognitive computing platform used in healthcare, finance, and other industries to analyze data and provide information.
  • OpenAI GPT-3 is a language generation tool used to create human-like text.
  • AI can be used in privacy and security, financial analysis, and automation.
  • There are ethical and social concerns regarding the use of AI, including privacy and job displacement.
  • AI technology continues to evolve rapidly, with new applications and innovations emerging regularly.
  • The development of AI requires significant investment in research and development.
  • AI has the potential to improve human life and solve complex problems.


Test your knowledge of artificial intelligence and its applications with this quiz! From the latest advancements in AI technology to its impact on various industries, this quiz covers it all. Sharpen your understanding of virtual assistants like Google Assistant, cognitive computing platforms like IBM Watson, and language generation tools like OpenAI GPT-3. You'll also learn about the ethical and societal concerns surrounding AI and its potential to improve human life. Get ready to put your AI expertise to the test!

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