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What is the purpose of baseball statistics?

Who started keeping records of player achievements in the 19th century?

What are sabermetrics?

When were comprehensive, historical baseball statistics made accessible to the average fan?

Which of the following is NOT one of the traditional core statistics in modern baseball?

What are some useful pitcher statistics?

What are defense-independent pitching statistics used for?

Which of the following is a commonly used baseball statistic?

Why is it difficult to determine quantitatively what is considered to be a 'good' value in a certain statistical category?


Overview of Baseball Statistics

  • Baseball statistics are important for evaluating player and team performance.
  • Statistics have been kept since the creation of the National League and American League, now part of Major League Baseball.
  • Henry Chadwick started keeping records of player achievements in the 19th century.
  • Sabermetrics and comparative statistics attempt to provide an improved measure of a player's performance and contributions to his team.
  • Comprehensive, historical baseball statistics were difficult for the average fan to access until 1951.
  • A few core statistics have been traditionally referenced throughout modern baseball, such as batting average, RBI, and home runs.
  • Some sabermetric statistics have entered the mainstream baseball world that measure a batter's overall performance, including on-base plus slugging (OPS).
  • Some useful pitcher statistics include K/9IP, K/BB, HR/9, WHIP, and OOPS.
  • Defense-independent pitching statistics, including defense-independent ERA (dERA), have been used to evaluate a pitcher's performance.
  • Commonly used baseball statistics include batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, stolen bases, ERA, strikeouts, and fielding percentage.
  • It is difficult to determine quantitatively what is considered to be a "good" value in a certain statistical category.
  • The official site of Major League Baseball provides full-season statistics for each player.


Think you know everything about baseball statistics? Test your knowledge with our quiz! From traditional stats like batting average to advanced metrics like defense-independent ERA, we'll challenge you on your understanding of the numbers that make the game so fascinating. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual observer, this quiz is perfect for anyone interested in baseball statistics. So grab your scorecard and get ready to play ball!

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