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What is the ethical issue highlighted in the text regarding software?

Using proprietary software without payment

What is the purpose of embedding information about the copyright owner into digital pictures?

To identify the creator of the pictures

What does the text warn against regarding computer resources?

Trying to bypass authorization systems

What type of action is considered unethical in the context of intellectual property in the text?

Appropriating other people’s intellectual output

What social aspect should be considered when developing programs or designing systems?

The potential harm to society from the program

What is the underlying principle related to human interaction when using computers according to the text?

Considering and respecting fellow humans when using computers

What is the equivalent of writing a program that handles the timing of a bomb, according to the text?

Harming other people

Why is reading other people's e-mail messages considered unethical?

It invades privacy

What can spread untruth as fast as it can spread truth, according to the text?

False witness bearing through computers

Which action is compared to obtaining other people's non-public files in terms of ethical judgment?

Invading privacy like reading e-mail messages

What does using a computer to break into the accounts of a company or a bank and transferring money equate to?


Why is generating and consciously spreading computer viruses considered unethical?

It interferes with other people's computer work

Test your knowledge on the ten commandments of computer ethics. Learn about ethical principles when using computers, including not harming others, not interfering with other people's work, and respecting other people's privacy.

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