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Temperature Points on Celsius Scale

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What is the temperature of ice point on the Celsius scale?


Where is the upper fixed point located on the Fahrenheit scale?


What is the equivalent of ice point in Kelvin scale?

273 K

What is the steam point value in Fahrenheit scale?


Which scale has the upper fixed point at 100°C?

Celsius scale

At what temperature does water start changing into steam at normal atmospheric pressure on the Kelvin scale?

+100 K

Why is one end of the girder not fixed into the concrete or brick pillars?

To allow for free expansion and contraction of the girder in response to temperature changes

What is the purpose of adding ink to the water in the experiment described?

To make the water more visible

Why is mercury used as a thermometric liquid?

Because it expands more and uniformly over a wide range of temperatures

In the experiment, why is the cork in the bottle tightly fitted?

To prevent leakage of ink

What happens to the water level in the straw when the bottle is heated?

It rises

What role do the two bricks play in the experiment?

They act as a stable base for heating the bottle

Why is it important to leave gaps between successive rails on a railway track?

To avoid the rails from bending sideways due to expansion

Why does pouring hot water on the neck of a bottle help in removing a glass stopper stuck inside?

The hot water expands, loosening the stopper

Why are cement floors laid in small pieces with gaps in between?

To allow for expansion during hot weather

What is the purpose of not fixing one end of a steel girder in a bridge, but keeping it on rollers?

To allow for contraction and expansion due to temperature changes

Why are iron tyres of bullock-cart wheels made slightly smaller than the wooden wheels?

To allow for expansion during heating

How does heating a glass stopper stuck in a bottle neck help in removing it?

It expands the glass stopper

Test your knowledge on the temperature points on the Celsius scale including the ice point and steam point. Check if you can correctly identify the temperatures of these critical points on the Celsius scale.

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