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What can artifacts include based on the text?

Clothes, accessories, and jewelry

According to psychologists, what is generally the best artifact for non-verbal communication?


Which aspect of communication is described as 'perhaps the most obvious in communicating messages'?

Posture, gesture, facial expressions

Dr. Nicholas Epley mentions that body language speaks to us but only in whispers. What does this imply?

Body language requires careful observation to interpret

In the context of globalization, what does the term 'interdependence of nations around the globe fostered through free trade' refer to?

Global cooperation

'Globalization' is primarily about:

Sharing ideas, values, and information across borders

'Globalization' involves the spread of which of the following across national borders and cultures?

Cultural homogeneity

'Globalization' is described as a process by which:

People and goods move easily across borders

Test your knowledge on technology addiction and its impact on communication practices including cyberbullying, cyber pornography, unfriending, and more. Learn about the emerging issues affecting value systems and communication in the digital age.

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