Teaching in Nursing Practice

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What is the main aspect of nursing practice that involves producing learning?


Which level of Bloom's domains of learning involves personal issues like attitudes and beliefs?

Affective (feeling) level

What does Geragogy focus on?

Teaching older adults

What attributes of learning involve the discovery of personal meaning and relevance of ideas?

Experience inside the learner

Which level of Bloom's domains of learning deals with fine and gross motor abilities?

Psychomotor (physical skill) level

What is the system of activities intended to produce learning?

Teaching–learning process

What is the primary focus of behaviorism in teaching plans?

Tracing learner's behavior to the effects of a stimulus

What is the main characteristic of humanism in learning?

Belief that learning is self-motivated and self-initiated

What can impede learning according to the text?

Emotions like fear, anger, and depression

What is the role of the nurse as an educator according to the text?

To promote healthy lifestyles and provide health education

In nursing, what does assessing readiness to learn involve?

Selecting teaching strategies suited to the individual

What is essential in planning teaching strategies for clients according to the text?

Reducing barriers before teaching

Explore the major aspects of teaching in nursing practice, including independent nursing functions, the teaching-learning process, and interactions between teachers and learners. Learn about teaching clients, families, support persons, and health personnel.

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