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SEC 5.4

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  1. A REIT is taxed as A. a corporation B. a partnership C. a municipal bond D. a conduit

  1. Your client is considering the Newport Land and Farming REIT and notes in the description that it is listed. What does listed mean in this context? A. The REIT is registered and likely trades OTC. B. The REIT is unregistered and trades only in the primary market. C. The REIT is registered and likely trades on an exchange. D. The REIT is unregistered and is likely trading on an OTC Bulletin Board.

  1. All of the following are true for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) except A. ETFs can be bought or sold throughout the trading day B. ETFs are not marginable securities C. ETF share prices are subject to market forces like supply and demand D. ETF transactions are commissionable trades

  1. An investor has placed money in a debt-like instrument issued by a financial institution and linked to the performance of the S&P 500 Index. From the investment, which has a stated maturity date but makes no interest payments, the investor anticipates receiving a cash payment minus any applicable management fees when the instrument matures. This describes which of the following investments? A. Municipal bond B. Direct participation program (DPP) C. Exchange-traded note (ETN) D. Variable annuity


Test your knowledge on how Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are taxed. Choose the correct option among options A to D.

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