Table Tennis and Badminton Overview

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In table tennis, what is the common grip style practiced by Asians?

Penhold grip

How many points is a game played to in table tennis?

11 points

What material is the ball typically made of in table tennis?

Celluloid or plastic

How many games must a player generally win to win a match in table tennis?

Three games

What happens when the score becomes tied at 10-10 in table tennis?

Service alternates at every point

How should a player serve the ball in table tennis?

Toss it straight up and strike on the way down

In table tennis, what happens if a served ball touches the net on the way over?

It is considered a 'let' serve and is done over

What is the rule for doubles partners in a rally?

They must hit the ball alternately, regardless of where it lands on the table

What happens if a player hits the ball on their side of the net before it bounces?

The player loses the point

According to the rules mentioned, what happens if a served ball bounces back over the net by itself?

It is considered a point for the server

What does it mean when an edge ball bounces off the horizontal tabletop surface in table tennis?

It is counted as valid

In doubles table tennis, when do partners switch places?

After their team serves twice

Study Notes

Table Tennis and Badminton

  • Table tennis and badminton are active dual sports played with an opponent across the playing field.
  • Both games can be played in singles (one player against one opponent) or doubles (two players against two players).

Table Tennis

  • Table tennis is played on a full-sized table tennis table.
  • The game was invented in England during the 19th century.
  • The ball used in table tennis comes in different colors and is made of light celluloid or plastic material.

Table Tennis Racket Grips

  • There are two main grips for holding a table tennis racket: the upper grip and the lower grip.
  • The upper grip is commonly used by Asians, while the lower grip is commonly used by Westerners.
  • Examples of upper grip styles include the Penhold grip, while examples of lower grip styles include the Shake hand grip.

Rules of Table Tennis

  • A game is played to 11 points, unless the score is tied at 10-10, in which case the game continues until one player leads by at least two points.
  • A match is typically the best three of five games.
  • Players alternate serving every two points, except when the score is tied at 10-10, in which case the service alternates at every point.
  • A serve can be lost on a serve in ping pong.
  • When serving, the ball must be held in the open palm, behind the player's end of the table, and tossed at least 6 inches straight up before being struck.
  • The serve must hit the player's side of the table and then the opponent's side.
  • In singles, the serve can land anywhere on the opponent's side of the table.
  • In doubles, the serve must go from the right court to the right court, and doubles partners switch places after their team serves twice.
  • If a served ball hits the net on the way over and otherwise legally bounces in play, it's a "let" serve and is done over.
  • In doubles, partners must alternate hitting balls in a rally, no matter where the ball lands on the table.
  • Volleys are not allowed, and players must let the ball bounce on their side of the table before hitting it.
  • If a player's hit bounces back over the net by itself, it's their point.
  • Touching the ball with the paddle hand is allowed, but touching the table with the non-paddle hand is not.
  • An "edge" ball bouncing off the horizontal tabletop surface is a valid shot.

This quiz provides an overview of table tennis and badminton, two popular active dual sports played across a playing field. Learn about the history, gameplay, and key differences between singles and doubles matches in these sports.

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