Table 9.1: Plants, Animals, and Objects from Different Regions

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What feature of the sea allows plants and animals to survive in that environment?

Ability to absorb moisture from the air

Why do plants and animals in the sea differ significantly from those in the desert according to the text?

Because of the presence of salty water and little water availability in deserts

How does a camel's body structure help it survive in desert conditions?

Heat-retaining hump

What is a common adaptation found in plants and animals of both the desert and the sea?

Utilization of their surrounding environments for sustenance

Why do plants in the sea mainly rely on air dissolved in water for their survival?

To undergo photosynthesis and produce energy

How do organisms adapt to survive in regions with extreme temperature differences like the desert?

By adapting their behavior to suit day and night cycles

Why do plants in deserts have unique adaptations compared to plants in other regions?

To store water more efficiently during droughts

How does the environment of the sea differ from that of the desert based on the text?

Deserts have access to abundant freshwater unlike the salty sea.

Why are plants and animals classified differently in desert and sea regions according to the text?

As a result of adapting to diverse environmental conditions.

What advantage do animals living in deserts have over those living in the sea based on the text?

Capacity to store water efficiently.

Fill in the table with examples of plants, animals, and objects found in various regions. Gather examples from the chapter, consult with others, and explore books in libraries to complete the table.

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