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In the book, Don't Stop Here, what does Bethel, being a place of the altar signify?

When you get to Bethel in your Christian walk, it means you have come to a place of .......?

Which of the following shows the best order in our commitment?

As explained in the book, which of the following best describes tithe?

''Lord, everything i have is yours. You, Lord will be my God, and of all that You give me, I will surely give the tithe of it'' - Who made this statement of commitment and to whom?

Which of the following describes a Christian who has arrived in Bethel, the place of commitment

What is the name of the city where Bethel is situated?

''The Lord my God has said He would dwell in tents, but I've decided to build Him a house. How can I be in a palace and my God has no place? Surely, I will build Him a house''. Whose words were these?

Recognise that God needs you. There's a harvest of souls all over the world. Don't just sit down there with your hands folded in your laps; get up and do something!

According to the theme bible reference in the book, Bethel was the final destination of Elijah and Elisha.


Test your knowledge on Christian commitment and the symbolism of Bethel in the book 'Don't Stop Here'. Explore questions about the meaning of reaching Bethel in your Christian walk, the significance of tithe, and the commitment to God described in the book.

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