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What is the main focus of the Analysis phase in software engineering?

Understanding the application domain and what is required

Which diagram is primarily used to represent the dynamic behavior of a system in UML?

Activity Diagram

What is the primary purpose of a flow of events in a process or use case?

To describe the sequence of steps in a use case

In which phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) do the activities 'Requirements Elicitation' and 'System Design' take place?


Which type of model focuses on representing the structure and organization of the system's objects and their relationships?

Object Model

What is the main purpose of a deployment diagram in UML?

To illustrate the components and their interrelationships within the system

What is the main purpose of subsystem decomposition in system design?

To reduce system complexity while allowing change

Which of the following is NOT an example of a non-functional requirement that can drive design goals?

Number of steps for a user function

What is meant by the term 'robustness' in system design?

Maintaining system functions even if the user enters wrong input

In the context of design trade-offs, which pair represents a common trade-off in system design?

Cost v. Functionality

What is the primary purpose of identifying design goals?

To drive design decisions based on non-functional requirements

What is one potential difficulty mentioned in the text about the design process?

Technological constraints driving the design

What UML notation is commonly used to represent subsystems?

Packages or component

What is the main purpose of concurrency control in system design?

To ensure that multiple processes do not interfere with each other

'Availability' in the context of system design refers to:

The ratio of expected uptime to expected downtime

What guideline should the designer follow when distributing classes on subsystems?

Low coupling

Test your knowledge of system analysis and design concepts including use case diagrams, class diagrams, state charts, activity diagrams, and other related topics.

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