Sylvester Stallone "2000s to Present" Movie and Career Quiz

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Which film did Sylvester Stallone voice King Shark in?

In which year did Stallone make his streaming television debut?

Which series did Stallone star in with his immediate family?

Which film is slated to premiere as the closing film of the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival?

What was the first African-American boxing heavyweight champion's nickname?

Which character did Stallone reprise in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3?

Which book is being adapted into a feature-length film about an FBI undercover agent's career?

Who is creating the television series Levon's Trade?

Which action film series will Stallone star in the fourth installment of?

Which novel would Stallone like to adapt into a film?


Test your knowledge on Sylvester Stallone's career with this quiz that covers his filmography, including his critically panned and lowest-grossing film. Also, find out how well you know his iconic role as Rocky Balboa and his involvement in the spin-off-sequel film, Creed.

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