Swiss Teachers' Competencies in Media and ICT

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In which part of Switzerland was the new module curriculum 'Media and ICT (M&I)' introduced in 2017?

German-speaking part

What theory emphasizes the importance of a person's beliefs and competencies in influencing their behavioral intentions?

Theory of Planned Behaviour

What competencies are required of teachers for the new module curriculum 'Media and ICT (M&I)'?

Media didactics and technological competencies

What is the focus of this study with regard to the new module curriculum 'Media and ICT (M&I)'?

Investigating teachers' competencies and beliefs

What is hypothesized to be the core antecedent of a successful implementation of the new curriculum?

Teachers’ competencies and beliefs

Test your knowledge of Swiss teachers' competencies and beliefs regarding the modular curriculum 'Media and ICT' with this quiz. Explore the insights from the International Journal of Educational Research Open and gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

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