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When did swimming originate as a professional sport?

In the nineteenth century

What is the focus of the chapter on swimming and its rules and regulations?

History, facilities, equipment, etiquette, safety measures, and rules and regulations

How is swimming described in the text?

Moving the body through the water and shifting hands and feet to avoid drowning

What was the aim of competitive swimming mentioned in the text?

To swim faster than other competitors

Where was swimming recorded as a leisure practice according to the text?

In Stone Age prehistoric cave paintings

Study Notes

History of Swimming

  • Swimming originated as a professional sport in the 19th century.

Focus of the Chapter

  • The chapter focuses on the rules and regulations of swimming.

Description of Swimming

  • Swimming is described as a competitive sport with a rich history.

Aim of Competitive Swimming

  • The aim of competitive swimming is to achieve the fastest possible time.

Leisure Practice

  • Swimming was recorded as a leisure practice in ancient civilizations, specifically in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

Test your knowledge of swimming rules and regulations with this informative quiz. Learn about the history, equipment, etiquette, and safety measures in swimming, and understand the competitive forms of the sport.

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