Sutures and Needles Uses

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Which needle part is responsible for piercing the skin during a medical procedure?


What is the purpose of needles and sutures in medical procedures?

To occlude blood vessels

What is the purpose of color coding sutures like Chromic gut, Vicryl, and Silk?

To identify suture material types

Which area is considered as an unrestricted area in the operating room setting?


When should sutures be removed from a wound on the face according to the provided text?

3-5 days

What materials are derived from human or animal hair, intestines, and plant material for medical use?

Chromic gut and Plain gut

Test your knowledge on the uses of sutures and needles, including holding wound edges, occluding blood vessels, and preventing wound contamination. Explore the different parts of a needle, such as the eye, body, and point type. Learn about complications associated with different needle points and color coding of sutures.

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