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What is the main concern addressed in the text regarding the fashion industry?

The high turnover rate of trend-based garments leading to textile waste.

What distinguishes Anián as a brand in terms of fabric sourcing?

Their transition to utilizing salvaged natural fibre textiles from landfills.

Why is sorting done on the salvaged textiles according to the text?

To identify and group the textiles based on their colours.

What is the significance of shredding the salvaged textiles in the recycling process?

To break down the textiles into small pieces for further processing.

Why is washing necessary after shredding the salvaged textiles?

To remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from the shredded textiles.

What is the primary purpose of the spinning process in the textile production cycle?

To draw out and twist the carded fibers into yarn

Why is recycled wool considered to have a lower environmental impact than virgin wool?

Recycled wool requires less water and chemicals in the dyeing process

What historical event led to a significant rise in the practice of recycling wool?

World War II

What makes wool a particularly suitable material for recycling?

Its natural breathability and softness

What is Anián's primary reason for building a relationship with a textile recycling company in Italy?

To advocate for the positive impact of using salvaged textiles

What is the primary focus of Fast Fashion, as described in the text?

Producing trend-based clothing for short-term use

Why does Anián emphasize the fact that they are using salvaged textiles in their products?

To highlight their commitment to sustainability

What is the environmental benefit of sorting salvaged textiles by hand into colors?

It eliminates the need for dyes and harmful chemicals

What role does washing play in the recycling process of salvaged textiles?

To remove any remaining harmful chemicals

How does Anián contribute to reducing textile waste and environmental impact?

By using salvaged natural fiber textiles from landfills

What role does carding play in the textile production process?

Cleaning and disentangling fibres

Why is recycled wool preferred over virgin wool according to the text?

Virgin wool production emits greenhouse gases

What is one of the main reasons Anián prefers using salvaged textiles?

Durability of the salvaged textiles

Why was the practice of recycling wool significantly increased around WWII?

As a result of rationing and scarcity of resources

What environmental benefits does recycled wool offer compared to virgin wool?

Recycled wool uses fewer chemicals in its production

Test your knowledge on sustainable fashion and the impact of fast fashion on the environment. Learn about the consequences of throw-away culture and how you can contribute towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

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