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Which Philippine law amended RA 7277 to provide 20% discount privileges to persons with disabilities?

RA 9442

Which proclamation declared the period of 2013-2022 as the Philippine decade of 'Make the Right Real' for persons with disabilities?

Proclamation No. 688, S. 2013

Which law authorized the Commission On Elections to establish precincts assigned to accessible polling places exclusively for persons with disabilities and senior citizens?

RA 10366

Which law changed the name from 'Magna Carta for Disabled Persons' to 'Magna Carta for PWDs'?

RA 9442

Which administrative order provided guidelines on the issuance of PWD ID Cards relative to RA 9442?

NCDA Administrative Order No. 001, s. 2008

Which law established institutional mechanisms to ensure the implementation of programs and services for persons with disabilities in every province, city, and municipality?

RA 10070

Which law expanded the positions reserved for persons with disability?

RA 10524

'Deliverance from public ridicule and vilification' was added as a clause in which law?

RA 9442

'Guidelines in the Admission of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education & Post-Secondary Institutions in the Philippines' was issued in which year?


Test your knowledge on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which include topics such as Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, and Gender Equality. Learn about the 17 SDGs set by the United Nations to achieve a more sustainable world.

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