Super Plasticizers: SMF vs SNF

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What is the purpose of using water-reducing admixtures or plasticizers in concrete?

To achieve higher strength by decreasing the water-cement ratio at the same workability

What is the function of plasticizers in concrete with respect to the heat of hydration?

Decrease heat of hydration

Which type of compound are plasticizers based on?

Organic polymers

How do plasticizers affect the workability of concrete?

Increase workability

Which purpose do plasticizers serve in relation to cement content?

Decrease cement content to reduce heat of hydration

What is the relationship between water reduction and strength of concrete?

Reducing water-cement ratio enhances strength

Which type of polymer are plasticizers typically derived from?

Natural polymers

What is the impact of using plasticizers on cracks in young concrete?

Decrease likelihood of cracks through increased strength

How do plasticizers affect the water-cement ratio and workability simultaneously?

Decrease water-cement ratio while maintaining workability

What is one common material that is used as a plasticizer in concrete?


Learn about the commonly used super plasticizers in concrete - Sulphonated melamine formaldehyde condensates (SMF) and Sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensates (SNF). Compare their water reduction percentages, effects on retardation, air bubble entrapment, and appearance in concrete.

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