Sumer (3500 – 2300 BCE) Fertile Crescent (Mesopotamia) Quiz

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Why was Mesopotamia settled?

Why was Sumer referred to as 'a collection of independent city-states'?

What is the significance of cuneiform in Sumerian civilization?

What was the role of a scribe in Sumerian society?

Which major invention was used for pottery and transportation in Sumer?

What was the primary purpose of settling in Mesopotamia?

What was the primary reason for the development of trade in Babylon?

What did Hammurabi's code of laws aim to achieve?

What technological advantage did the Assyrians gain from the Hittites?

Why are the Chaldeans also referred to as the Neo-Babylonians?

What was Nebuchadnezzar known for?

What was the significance of iron for the Assyrians?

What did Sargon accomplish during his rule over the Akkadians?

Why did many ancient Mesopotamians perform daily ceremonies and sacrifices?

What was a notable feature of Hammurabi's code of laws?

What was an important resource that made Babylon a center of trade?


Test your knowledge about Sumer, the Fertile Crescent (Mesopotamia), its location, reasons for settlement, and its landforms. Use your notes and readings to answer questions about this ancient civilization.

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