Mental Health Ch. 11

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What is a common misconception about suicide methods?

Most individuals commit suicide by taking an overdose of drugs.

Which gender attempts suicide more often but has a lower success rate?


What is the leading cause of death among suicide victims?

Gunshot wounds

Which age group has the highest suicide rate according to the most recent statistics?


How does the suicide rate vary based on marital status?

The suicide rate for single persons is half that of married persons.

How does affiliation with a religious group affect the risk of suicide?

Affiliation with a religious group decreases the risk of suicide.

Which ethnic group is at the highest risk for suicide according to the text?


What percentage of individuals who commit suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder?

Over 90%

Which psychiatric illness is NOT mentioned as common among individuals who commit suicide?

Bipolar disorder

What factor is associated with an increased risk of suicide according to the text?

Having severe insomnia

Which group has a higher risk of suicide compared to their heterosexual counterparts according to the text?

L G B T individuals

What significantly increases the risk of a subsequent suicide attempt according to the text?

Having previously attempted suicide

What was the historical view of suicide in ancient Greece?

It was viewed as a criminal offense against the state.

During which historical period did intellectuals begin freely discussing suicide?

The Renaissance

Which age group has suicide as the second-leading cause of death in America?

10 to 34 years old

How did suicide relate to mental illness in the 17th and 18th centuries?

Most philosophers associated suicide with mental illness.

What was one reason individuals in the Roman army resorted to suicide?

To avoid battle and humiliation.

How does the rate of suicide in 2014 compare to previous years?

It reached the highest rate in 30 years.

Which enzyme is associated with the synthesis of serotonin?

Tryptophan hydroxylase

What has implications for both depression and suicidal behavior?

Diminished serotonin

Which neurotransmitter deficiency is associated with suicide according to studies?


What is measured as a decrease in the levels of 5-HIAA in the cerebrospinal fluid of depressed clients who attempted suicide?

Serotonin levels

Which factor has a potential genetic predisposition toward suicidal behavior?

Low serotonin levels

In what fluid have studies shown a decrease in 5-HIAA levels among depressed clients who attempted suicide?

Cerebrospinal fluid

What is the most appropriate nursing intervention for an actively suicidal client?

Place the client on suicide precautions with one-to-one observation

Which action should be taken to ensure the safety of a suicidal client on an outpatient basis?

Develop a detailed safety plan

What is a key aspect of treatment for a suicidal client on an outpatient basis?

Schedule frequent appointments

Why should the nurse be direct and talk matter-of-factly about suicide with a client?

To normalize discussions around suicide

What is an important factor to consider when discussing the current crisis situation with a suicidal client?

Discuss the crisis situation openly and honestly

What should be done to identify areas of self-control in a suicidal client?

Encourage the client to identify aspects they can control

Test your knowledge on suicide methods and risk factors with this quiz. Learn about the common misconceptions surrounding suicide methods and key risk factors to be aware of.

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