Subnetting Tutorial: Understanding /24 and /28 Networks

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What is the subnet ID for host

Which subnet does host belong to?

In binary form, what is the IP address 11001101.01110011.10101000.00110010 in decimal?

For the subnet, how many total subnets can be created?


What is the subnet ID for host

If a host has an IP address of 11011010.00110101.11100011.01001011, what is its subnet ID in decimal form?

How many host bits are there in a /27 subnet?


What is the subnet mask for a /29 network?

How many subnets are created when using a block size of 64 in FLSM?


Which network range corresponds to the IP address range to to

If 9 host bits are required for a network, what is the minimum subnet mask length needed?


In binary form, what does assigning 1 to network bits and 0 to host bits look like for an 8-bit subnet?


What is the main purpose of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)?

To avoid switching loops in layer-2 devices

What is the significance of BPDU in Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)?

BPDU helps switches determine network topology and prevent loops

What information is included in a Bridge ID (BID) used in STP?

Priority + MAC address of the switch

Why does STP help avoid multiple frame copies at the destination?

By eliminating loops through designated ports

What does STP aim to reduce in a network environment?

Broadcast storms and database instability

Why do switches exchange Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs) in STP?

To determine network topology and prevent loops

How can you check your public IP address?

What is the purpose of the Type of Service (TOS) field in IPv4 addressing?

Prioritize traffic based on importance

How is an Identification Field used in IPv4 addressing?

Identify fragments belonging to the same packet

What does a header length value of 6 indicate in an IPv4 address?

Presence of options field in the header

In IPv4 addressing, what do the Flags represent?

Three different actions

What is the shortcut to access network connections on a Windows PC?

Press Windows button + R

What is the main characteristic of a flat network?

It has one broadcast domain

How are network security and VLANs related?

VLANs can enhance network security

What is the purpose of Static VLANs?

To manually assign ports to VLANs

How are Static VLANs different from Dynamic VLANs?

Dynamic VLANs can assign a port to multiple VLANs

What is the purpose of using the 'range' command in VLAN configuration?

To configure multiple ports in a VLAN simultaneously

What type of link is an Access link in VLAN terminology?

A link that is part of only one VLAN

Learn about subnetting using /24 and /28 networks, and how to calculate the decimal dotted form for different subnet masks. Explore the concepts of network bits and host bits, and understand how to assign values in the decimal dotted representation.

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